Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Someday I will have a greenhouse.
Mine will be large enough, but not humongous.  It will have vents for air and a heater for the winter.
It will have a super cool old sink and water access.
There will be shelves for stacks of pots, potting areas.

There will be a space for tools and bottles.  And room for a chair to sit and chill in.  Maybe even a radio.

And some cool stuff 'just because'.

It will be large enough for my houseplants and hub's perennial garden experiment (from when he was a teen gardening with his dad).  Someday...
 Meanwhile I'm using the home owner's cute greenhouse.  Sweet hubs took my plants in while I was staying back at mom's for the last month.  Some of the houseplants died, but everything in my grow pots look great.

Dragonwing green bean

 The home owner's plants look pretty happy too. 
 By the way, Dragon wing green beans are SO sweet!!!
 Things are rapping up at this job, and we will be moving out of our cute guest house, and away from these AWESOME trees soon.  Not many houses around here have these huge oak trees. Gonna miss these trees.
Maverick, LadyBelle, Reba
The bassets are going to miss this place too. 
 I want to go home.
East Texas home.
I want hubby there too.
BUT work is here in West Texas.
I'm glad to be back out here with him.
So I guess home is where WE are. 

WE is a nice place to be.