Friday, January 31, 2014

Thankful Thursday: January 2014

January. Already. ALMOST February. WOW.  I took down all the Christmas.  (Amazing how much I put out.) And went ahead and decorated with hearts.  I'm trying get things that have a storage spot and are just automatic swap-outs.
Makes me happy. :)

We've had some nice weather days.  Mostly low 30s high 60s, and dry.
Donut goat planter, new Shepard's hook, patio, deer, windsock (really like this-need to find a replacement)
 I have a little planting going on.  Love how perennials come back.  Love their little 'peek-a-boo' new growth.
Clockwise: pinks, live oak, salad bowl; wine weigela, grasses, pansies; growboxes greens (dug up a couple of times from one on the dogs, I now have no idea WHAT is planted where); perennials: baby blueberry bushes, thornless blackberry, kale, pansies/asparagus,pansies, pinks, yellow bells, orange trumpet bushes/pansies; asters, weigela, Asian jasmine, pansies; sand cherry, elder Mexican tree, agave; goat planter: pinks, viola, sedums.

I'm experimenting with perennial greens this year.  So far I know kale can do our summer and winters.  Back home I want a place in the yard where I can just let these grow year round.

Lady, Mav, Reba, Molly
The pooches have LOVED our new fence and the warm days.  Officer Maverick is ALWAYS on duty.  Unless he is sleeping.  What ever he does, he does 100 percent.

 On the cold (FREEZING) days we had lots of snuggling inside.  Our little (camper) home stayed toasty with just two small electric heaters.  Still figuring out the best way to keep our water from freezing.  We have a new puppy, and since she is crate training, I decided Molly and Lildog needed a refresher course too.  They really aren't too thrilled about pupsitting, but it is what it is.
 We did some local road tripping.  Molly and Mouse (pup) went with me on a cold (FREEZING) night.  Pros.  Lady, Mav, and Molly went on a lovely day and we stopped and checked out some other RV parks (none offer what we have here) and the lake.  Lady and Mav got to go in Petsmart and Petco for the first time.  Lady was perfect (as always), and Mr. Maverick-who used to be the fastest leg hiker in the west totally controlled himself!!  (I was one PROUD mama:)

3 yro granddarling, Kale's other grandma has been watching him everyday, and we have him at least once a week.  Love this kid. 

I am thankful for my family.  Near or far words can't describe how much they mean to me.
I am thankful for our camper.  Safe-sound-and pretty.  Love it.
I am thankful for my hubby. What a gift he is to me.
What a lovely life we live.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

September 2013

Not to much going on here this month.  It has been cooler and we did have rain. 
LOTS of rain.  The Dry Devils River had water for many days.  Its really just a run off, sure comes in handy.  This is a very dry area of Texas. 
Because of the soaking rain my grass seed took!!!  WOOHOO!!!

Because of the cooler weather the 'surviving' plants are now 'thriving'.  This false sunflower is a hitch hiker from home.  Gonna save the seeds to sprinkle in this yard. 

A friend gave us this kitchen island, we are going to try it where the extra fridge is.  Need to figure out some type of table to go in that spot.  This might work.

 Grandboy, Kale, is here most everyday, he loves the dogs.  And, most the time, they love him.  He is fun.

 The doggies are loving this inside living.  I know they miss green grass to roll in, but we are working on that.
DS, Taylor, brought up his half-husky, half-wolf dog Coon.  She fit right in.  What a lovely coat she has. 

 Because I now have a new lap-top, I can copy pictures posted on facebook by my far-away kids.  Ms. Audrey is now a 2nd grader. 

Granddarling, Aria, is now nine months of preciousness. 

I'm ready for a quick trip home to see my other granddarlings. 
Can't believe September went so fast, but I'm ready for some fall.
~God Bless~

Friday, September 27, 2013

Loving my camper: 9/13

We've been in our camper a couple of months now and it is so much fun to make it home. 

We spent the last year out of town, where hubby is working, staying in a guest house that I couldn't really make mine. 

This camper, however, is ALL MINE!

In the kitchen we added a shelf for utensils, and a shelf (from IKEA). 

 We added a cool metal shelf in the window (found in Colorado), and I rewired the frogs to the stick (Hobby Lobby), and changed out the dragonfly wind chime to jewels (from Colorado). The stained glass butterfly is from a local thrift store. The plant on the this shelf is a prayer plant. 
I'm gonna add strawberry begonia later.

My kitchen corner plants are super happy.

The blue pot has all kinds of cool plants crammed in, and it looks great.

There is a preg onion, and a couple of sedums all needing repotting. 
But they are fine for now.

Sweet sweet hubby picked some cool rain lilies from our yard.
 (bout all that is going on out there)
                                                           My kitchen!!  Love it. 

My 'command center' it taking shape.

Found this at Big Lots on clearance, spray painted it purple. 

Love it. 
 The mess o stuff in this corner has been replaced with order and pretties.  Purple pot is full of goodies: Swiss cheese ivy, var spider plant, snake plant, 2 kinds of heart shaped ivy, var ivy, 3 kinds of Chinese evergreen.  White pot is a dumb cane.

Bird wind chime=Pier One; red & purple buckets, sun/moon/stars, foam orange pumpkin=Dollar Tree, talking raven=Big Lots; blanket, pumpkin bucket, Christ plaque=thrift store; small light up pumpkins, flowers=Walmart.  We are all ready for Halloween. 

In the bedroom I have cool, crazy (for me) colors in the bedding.  I decided I was only buying MY colors.  And my color is purple.  Makes me happy. 

This WAS the patio layout, but I was afraid it would make it hard for a lawnmower guy.
AND hubby's grill was just a little way TOO close to my camper.
 So I moved things around a bit.

 My goat planter, Donut, has been jazzed up with red/white/blue lea, flower on her horn,  four Shepard hooks, glow in the dark balls and lantern, Flo the flamingo, wind chimes, and a flower stake.

 This planter is full of stuff for home, peacock flower ground cover, apple mint, choc mint, and this super cool Asian Jasmine.  The new leaves on it are white, pink variegated looking like flowers.
 We have a slope back home I'm going to try this on.
My grow pots are just hanging on.  Guess I need to feed them.  Rose moss, yellow bells, orange trumpet, globe basil have all done well this summer.

Our seeded Bermuda grass is coming up, and the old Bermuda plants are enjoying the water. 
Might actually have a nice lawn.  Right now its all weed and stickers.  SO many stickers. 
Some pretty weeds we have here: horse herb, pigeon berry, lantana, pink clover, 3 little live oak trees. 
Our landlord just planted  new baby Live Oak trees . 
We have had a little cooler weather, and some much needed rain.  Welcome Autumn.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 2013

August was a wonderful month spent with wonderful people.
First, a day-cation with my bestie, Donna.  We drove up to lake Texoma state park.  And played in the Red River on the other side of the dam.  We went in both TX and OK.  Then to the LDS Temple in Dallas where the primary was having a special day, then to Mesquite, where Donna grew up.  Great memory lane with a great friend.

We got to pop in and see these grands, Jeremiah, David, and LauraJune.  June had her first loose tooth!

Then these people came back to TEXAS!!  DS Taylor and fam have been living in Maryland and now they are home!!  Grandgirls Katherine and McKenzie are just darling!!

Then Taylor's family came 'out west' to visit us!! 

Brilliant DIL Lindsey brought a water pad sprinkler thing and we had an afternoon of wet fun at my other DIL's tiny green yard (my yard has stickers). 

I just can't get enough of these people!  Katherine is almost 4 yro, Kenzie is 15 mos. 

Katherine helped her daddy hang some windsocks in my dead tree.  What a big girl.

Then back home to spend a day with these grands, June almost 7, David almost 5, Miah almost 4. 
They helped me wash the river rocks I brought home from Colorado, for Granny's rock bed, and replant her front porch planter.

Granny got to help me watch these two.  Fun.
Then I got to spend a day with my grandboys, David, Miah, and Kale. 

I guess all in all you could say my August was pretty GRAND.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 2013

{hubs bought me a new lap top (not the ususal hand-me-down) so I can now connect to the internet and blog blog blog!!}

July was a great month, hubby and I went to Colorado, where he worked on a family member's cabin.  We were there a week and LOVED the cool weather, running water, green trees, wildflowers, and pine smell.
hubby and I, 3 family cabins
Everyday was overcast and cool.  Just lovely.  We were able to go to IKEA, Camping World, The Container store, and a huge local nursery. 
When I told hubby these were on my bucket list he just laughed.  Then said Cabela's store is on his.  We will be going to this store later this year. 

 Back at our out of town worksite camper home, we saw a lot of grandboy Kale.  He is now 2 1/2 yo and has mastered coloring with chalk, washing his shoes, being quiet during church services, using his words, and is well on his way to being potty trained.  I love two year olds.
Mav can't figure out his reflection, Cuz Oakley, Reba, Naptime in the bathroom, Naptime with grandboy.
The pooches are enjoying inside camper life too.   
Life is good.  Very good.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thankful Thursday: 5/23/13

What a great week!!

First DIL brought her 3 yro nephew, Nick, out to visit for two weeks.  Then SS, Mike, brought 2 yro grandboy, Kale.  Oh, the fun these two have. 
Kale (red hair) and Nick (brown hair)

Red pom pom bush blooming in goat planter, veg plants, asparagus shooting, rose cutting looking happy and green...
My little garden is a growing:)

Then, we found a 2000 fifth wheel to buy!!!!!  WooHoo!!!  With a BIG lot to rent!!!  Double WOOHOO!!
2000 King of the Road, Mulberry tree, and our view out the back
Of course I love our little 2006 Clavier, but wowzers!!  What a beaut!!
We will be fencing in our lot of the pups, and grands (when they visit), and some grass seed for the dirt.

 I can see two of my kiddos from our parking spot.

                                                          Around the corner another kiddo.

WOO...HOO...!!!  Ready for the tour????

On the left (and end of camper) the living room.  Two rocking recliners.  Heaven.

 Around to the kitchen, up stairs to bath and bedroom.
 Look at the counter space!!! Oooo-la-la!!  AND a sunny window for my plants!!!

Up the stairs into the bath, corner shower, sink... (my sweet, nosy, LilDog)

Potty room (with cabinets above toilet) and linen closet (with washer dryer hook up).

 Cabinets in bedroom.

Bed and full closet.  Snooperviser LilDog sitting on bed, pulling and spitting out her burrs from the yard...that's MY girl!!
What Lildog thinks of all this moving and traveling.  Poor LilDog...

I'm so thankful for work.
Thankful for all the work available in this area and how it is helping my family.
I'm thankful for little children, 2 and 3 are great ages.
I'm thankful for my hubby and my children and grandchildren.  They fill my soul.

Thank you God.  You are good ALL the time...

~God Bless~