Thursday, October 3, 2013

September 2013

Not to much going on here this month.  It has been cooler and we did have rain. 
LOTS of rain.  The Dry Devils River had water for many days.  Its really just a run off, sure comes in handy.  This is a very dry area of Texas. 
Because of the soaking rain my grass seed took!!!  WOOHOO!!!

Because of the cooler weather the 'surviving' plants are now 'thriving'.  This false sunflower is a hitch hiker from home.  Gonna save the seeds to sprinkle in this yard. 

A friend gave us this kitchen island, we are going to try it where the extra fridge is.  Need to figure out some type of table to go in that spot.  This might work.

 Grandboy, Kale, is here most everyday, he loves the dogs.  And, most the time, they love him.  He is fun.

 The doggies are loving this inside living.  I know they miss green grass to roll in, but we are working on that.
DS, Taylor, brought up his half-husky, half-wolf dog Coon.  She fit right in.  What a lovely coat she has. 

 Because I now have a new lap-top, I can copy pictures posted on facebook by my far-away kids.  Ms. Audrey is now a 2nd grader. 

Granddarling, Aria, is now nine months of preciousness. 

I'm ready for a quick trip home to see my other granddarlings. 
Can't believe September went so fast, but I'm ready for some fall.
~God Bless~