Friday, January 31, 2014

Thankful Thursday: January 2014

January. Already. ALMOST February. WOW.  I took down all the Christmas.  (Amazing how much I put out.) And went ahead and decorated with hearts.  I'm trying get things that have a storage spot and are just automatic swap-outs.
Makes me happy. :)

We've had some nice weather days.  Mostly low 30s high 60s, and dry.
Donut goat planter, new Shepard's hook, patio, deer, windsock (really like this-need to find a replacement)
 I have a little planting going on.  Love how perennials come back.  Love their little 'peek-a-boo' new growth.
Clockwise: pinks, live oak, salad bowl; wine weigela, grasses, pansies; growboxes greens (dug up a couple of times from one on the dogs, I now have no idea WHAT is planted where); perennials: baby blueberry bushes, thornless blackberry, kale, pansies/asparagus,pansies, pinks, yellow bells, orange trumpet bushes/pansies; asters, weigela, Asian jasmine, pansies; sand cherry, elder Mexican tree, agave; goat planter: pinks, viola, sedums.

I'm experimenting with perennial greens this year.  So far I know kale can do our summer and winters.  Back home I want a place in the yard where I can just let these grow year round.

Lady, Mav, Reba, Molly
The pooches have LOVED our new fence and the warm days.  Officer Maverick is ALWAYS on duty.  Unless he is sleeping.  What ever he does, he does 100 percent.

 On the cold (FREEZING) days we had lots of snuggling inside.  Our little (camper) home stayed toasty with just two small electric heaters.  Still figuring out the best way to keep our water from freezing.  We have a new puppy, and since she is crate training, I decided Molly and Lildog needed a refresher course too.  They really aren't too thrilled about pupsitting, but it is what it is.
 We did some local road tripping.  Molly and Mouse (pup) went with me on a cold (FREEZING) night.  Pros.  Lady, Mav, and Molly went on a lovely day and we stopped and checked out some other RV parks (none offer what we have here) and the lake.  Lady and Mav got to go in Petsmart and Petco for the first time.  Lady was perfect (as always), and Mr. Maverick-who used to be the fastest leg hiker in the west totally controlled himself!!  (I was one PROUD mama:)

3 yro granddarling, Kale's other grandma has been watching him everyday, and we have him at least once a week.  Love this kid. 

I am thankful for my family.  Near or far words can't describe how much they mean to me.
I am thankful for our camper.  Safe-sound-and pretty.  Love it.
I am thankful for my hubby. What a gift he is to me.
What a lovely life we live.