Saturday, October 6, 2012

Food Storage: WK 1-4: 10/6/12

I am doing a food storage for $5 a week plan.

(this is for two people)
I don't know how out of date the list is for this amount of money, so I think it will be VERY interesting.
I have set aside $20 a week for extra pantry stuff so I'll just keep track of how much this plan costs today, and spend the rest on non-perishables.

4.96=1@4.96               Week 4: 1 bottle 100 ct vitamins
8.21=3@.88+1@5.47  Week 3: 3 cans mushroom soup, 1 2.5 lb peanut butter
6.02=5@.50+4@.88    Week 2: 5 boxes mac& cheese, 4 cans tomato soup
2.92=1@2.18+2@.37  Week 1: 2 cans tuna fish, 2 boxes salt

WK1, WK2, WK3, WK4

{in other news I got THIS!!!  Woohoo!!!!  So happy Walmart had this.  We will be trying this right away.}