Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thankful Thursday: 5/23/13

What a great week!!

First DIL brought her 3 yro nephew, Nick, out to visit for two weeks.  Then SS, Mike, brought 2 yro grandboy, Kale.  Oh, the fun these two have. 
Kale (red hair) and Nick (brown hair)

Red pom pom bush blooming in goat planter, veg plants, asparagus shooting, rose cutting looking happy and green...
My little garden is a growing:)

Then, we found a 2000 fifth wheel to buy!!!!!  WooHoo!!!  With a BIG lot to rent!!!  Double WOOHOO!!
2000 King of the Road, Mulberry tree, and our view out the back
Of course I love our little 2006 Clavier, but wowzers!!  What a beaut!!
We will be fencing in our lot of the pups, and grands (when they visit), and some grass seed for the dirt.

 I can see two of my kiddos from our parking spot.

                                                          Around the corner another kiddo.

WOO...HOO...!!!  Ready for the tour????

On the left (and end of camper) the living room.  Two rocking recliners.  Heaven.

 Around to the kitchen, up stairs to bath and bedroom.
 Look at the counter space!!! Oooo-la-la!!  AND a sunny window for my plants!!!

Up the stairs into the bath, corner shower, sink... (my sweet, nosy, LilDog)

Potty room (with cabinets above toilet) and linen closet (with washer dryer hook up).

 Cabinets in bedroom.

Bed and full closet.  Snooperviser LilDog sitting on bed, pulling and spitting out her burrs from the yard...that's MY girl!!
What Lildog thinks of all this moving and traveling.  Poor LilDog...

I'm so thankful for work.
Thankful for all the work available in this area and how it is helping my family.
I'm thankful for little children, 2 and 3 are great ages.
I'm thankful for my hubby and my children and grandchildren.  They fill my soul.

Thank you God.  You are good ALL the time...

~God Bless~


  1. What a great place!!! Cute doggy too!!! Grandkids are the best!

  2. Great 5er, you should be very happy in there.
    Happy Trails, Penny