Thursday, August 30, 2012

FF: 8/24/12 Guesthouse, West Texas

Every feel like you are in a foreign country in your own state?
Where we are staying (while the hub works) feels so foreign from our home in East Texas.
Home is green and humid.
Here is brown and dry.
 (and thorny...SO thorny)
Phal Orchid
 I don't think I could ever live without plants.  Ever.
Mourning the (almost) death of my Sharry Baby orchid, I subcomed to Lowe's marked down orchids.   

Bad lighting. 
I'm so weak.  AND I'm hoping for some awesome dark purple blooms.  (I just love the structure, especially against the white wall.)

I moved my "kitchen window" pot from the front porch of this guest house.  The amount of shade was great, but the heat was melting some of my babies.  (Plus they can get extra loving in the bathroom.)

reclaimed metal art
I found a cute souniver . 
Meet Mr. San Angelo.
Cutie-pie.  They have neat metal works down here, and this neat little fella fits the bill.
Once upon a time I lived a year in El Paso, TX (as far west as you can go in TX).  From there to central TX.  We has lots of these horny toads.  They are almost none existent in the wild now.

Out on the front porch the stack-a-pot thing is popping with salad babies.

Homeowner's house plants look good.  (think I'm going to start me some of that var. pothos)
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In my grow pot ever thing is doing well. 

I added in this native needle leaf plant.  It blooms orange, and has a tuber root. 
Also this runner (different colored leaves and light colored bloom pods), it blooms a creamy yellow.
We see if they live and do well back home.
My horse herb is all green and fluffy.  This is ground cover for back home. 
Pigeon Berry blooming in the back (more ground cover for home).
The other grow pot has beans, and salad greens in it.  (Esperanza) yellow bells bush and fragrant floss flower in top right corner.  These, too, do well back home. 

Its hot and dry here in August here.  But not crazy hot or crazy dry like some places in the USA this summer.  Hope every one is having a wonderful Friday. 

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