Saturday, October 6, 2012

Food Storage: WK 1-4: 10/6/12

I am doing a food storage for $5 a week plan.

(this is for two people)
I don't know how out of date the list is for this amount of money, so I think it will be VERY interesting.
I have set aside $20 a week for extra pantry stuff so I'll just keep track of how much this plan costs today, and spend the rest on non-perishables.

4.96=1@4.96               Week 4: 1 bottle 100 ct vitamins
8.21=3@.88+1@5.47  Week 3: 3 cans mushroom soup, 1 2.5 lb peanut butter
6.02=5@.50+4@.88    Week 2: 5 boxes mac& cheese, 4 cans tomato soup
2.92=1@2.18+2@.37  Week 1: 2 cans tuna fish, 2 boxes salt

WK1, WK2, WK3, WK4

{in other news I got THIS!!!  Woohoo!!!!  So happy Walmart had this.  We will be trying this right away.}

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  1. This is interesting! I had to laugh because I had just downloaded a free book onto my Kindle...and it was called something like "Feed a Family of Four on 25 cents a day"!!! Turns out the book was published in early 1900's. LOL. Anyway, I looked through it, and of course the least expensive ways to feed a family today, were the same ways back then. I tried a few of the recipes. It was fun, and I am not finished trying to do a plan like this. I have 6 people in my house, and feeding everyone is a challenge! Thanks for showing this! Oh, P.S. My favorite recipe involves corn masa. Mix up with water and a little salt...form into patties, and fry lightly in skillet and place cheese on top. Very good. Even better if you add some fresh corn kernels into the mix. Here is the basic recipe: Corn Masa Recipe
    xoxo- Julie