Saturday, September 15, 2012

I have been day dreaming...

I have been day dreaming...
 Looks like when hubs finishes this job, and we leave this guesthouse, we will be bringing our camper to West Texas and living in it.
So many organizational opportunities in my little camper.
Bath room cabinets, pantry shelves, tv cabinet, at least 4 sets of small high cabinets for the walls in the bedroom and living room.
Making use of under the couch, dinette, and bunk beds.
On and on. 
I have shopped around and measured and priced.
But what occupies most of my day dreams is,
what plants am I having in the camper and where will they be?

Silly, huh?

Since no one here is interested in my BIG houseplant dreams, I will share them with you.
Da web.

half terri cotta colored plastic pot from Home Depot. 
In our little bathroom, on the wall that is too shallow for shelving, utilizing the sky light, I want this flat pot.
I'm thinking maybe some bushy and draping plants.  Its pretty good size, and I think will be easy to stabilized on the wall when not moving the camper.  And easy to take down for moving the camper.

 The nurseries here had some neat little house plants to add to my combos. 
 I think I will have a round pot and that long window box planter on the fridge by the kitchen window.  Some of these small plants will be split between the three planters.  Guess my dumb cane (white pot) will have to stay back at mom's.  And I think next time we go home I'll go ahead and plant up my camper house plants.  I have some ivies at home I want to use. 
 HIGH on my want list-this Pearls and Jade pothos and
 Swiss Cheese Philodendron.

Sedums, mini day lilies, dead mini rose in goat planter
 Because we have been going to our camper only once a month (and sometimes hubs went and not me), Donut the goat planter has been needing some TLC.  So this last trip I loaded her up and brought her to West Texas where she could get some loving. 
 Found this on clearance and thought it would jazz things up some. 
cleaned up and replanted
Donut is our mascot, and in memory of a dear goat we had and loved.
All cleaned up and ready to go again.  
Sedums, mini purple day lilies

  Due to not watering, I lost my mini purple rose, and hen's and chicks.
I'll probably replace the rose, need something with some height.
And some happy days mini yellow day lily.
I'm excited to see all this fill in, and what is hardy and what isn't. 

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  1. Carla... so sorry, but I forgot to put your new blog in my reader.

    I knew I was missing a blog... glad I remembered!

    I do so love looking at your plants.