Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Wee Little Garden 5/2/13

Since we will be way out here in West Texas (home is eight hours EAST), I've been planning our little garden...
Maverick and LadyBelle
Wednesday right before a storm hit I looked outside to see this...
Maverick, our one year old basset pup, had PLANTED himself in my grow pot.
He is VERY lucky I hadn't planted anything in it yet!!  (Silly pup) 
Then down came the hail.  Lots and lots of wind, hail, and much needed rain.  West Texas is one dry place.  The temp dropped from 90 to 40. Brrrrrrrrr...
Next day sunny and warm.  So I finished out my little garden.
We have: basil; onion chives;  tomatoes: 1 roma, 1 slicer, 2 cherry, 2 dwf; beans: experimenting with many kinds of bush; cukes; squash: 3 bush types; greens;  and some red leaf amaranths;  and 'baby' blueberry bushes,  blackberry vines, kiwi vines, and mulberry bush.
I plan on trying to keep greens going all summer.  Hot and dry so we'll see:).
My goat planter filled with perennials,  is doing great, and, because I couldn't resist, I have a trumpet vine, and golden bells.
Molly Wolly

Sunning Lil-Dog
The pups all enjoyed the day out too.  Shame it can't stay this temp.  Hope every one has a lovely weekend. 

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