Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thankful Thursday: week of 5/16/13 in review

This week we got to go on VACATION!! To see our kiddos 15 hrs up north. We had been planning on driving up there sometime this summer, but when my SS, Aaron, called and invited us up for he and his new wife, Liz, were graduating college, we jumped at the chance!!
What a beautiful couple. SDIL, Liz, received her masters, SS, Aaron, received his doctrine, both in civil engineering. Wow. They were just too cute.

My SD, Tiffany, was there too, so we got to soak up our granddarling, 6 1/2 yr old, Audrey.  Beyond lovely.  When we see her we see her mother and smile.

Lots of picture taking.  Love these people!!

On the way there we saw some  LDS historical sites we decided to stop at on the way home.  Big smile:)

First Adam-Ondi-Ahman...
SO pretty.  And beautiful weather to be wandering around in!!

Then Far West...
This was SO awesome!!

Then Liberty Jail...

Then a trip through hubby's grandma's home place where first we got a great start to his grandma's rose bush, and some bachelor buttons.  Next, we dug up asparagus growing in the fence row out in the country side.  
White bucket of awesomeness, Red Climbing Rose, Asparagus roots
Hubby has fond memories of picking the shoots in the spring time with his dad.
Now we'll have it for our grandbabies to pick:).

THEN we drove back to West Texas.  Home-sweet-temporary-home.
Gone only four days, but I missed my babies. 

Angel wing begonia, aloe, gold dust, and moses in cradle plants
 I'm so pleased to find my  little piece of moses-in-the-cradle has rooted.  I accidentally cut the one stem while cutting back some starts for a dear friend.  So happy it forgave me:). 

 My wee little veggie garden is loving these warm (but not hot...yet...) days. 

 My goat planter is in its spring glory...
sedums, small day lilies, local wild plants, and a powder puff bush
Sunbathing: Reba, Lil-Dog & Molly,  Maverick, LadyBelle 5/13
And my puppies enjoy our return!

I'm  so thankful we were able to go visit Aaron and Liz and enjoy this big event with them.
So thankful Tiffany was able to bring grandgirl Audrey, and they both had time to spend with us.
I'm  thankful for the weather, the sweet hubby, and the safe drive.
I'm thankful of the church history and what others have gone through for my freedom to worship.
I'm thankful we were able to go down hubby's memory lane.  So good to enjoy his history.
Glad to come home and find everything safe and sound.
Thankful for the kiddos here that keep an eye on things for us.  
Its good to be me:).

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